International Biodiversity Day


On International Biodiversity Day, we raise awareness of mountain ecosystems and their sensitivity to the impacts of climate change which are being affected at a faster rate than other terrestrial habitats.

40% of the world’s population rely indirectly on mountain resources for drinking water, agriculture, biodiversity, and hydroelectricity, which could be lost as a result of global warming. Climate change is also likely to increase exposure to hazards, with extreme events such as avalanches and landslides becoming more common.

The mountains are home to lots of biodiversity, including many endemic species. Adaptation requires awareness, knowledge on which to base decisions, and for mountain regions, a better perception of how biodiversity and climate change are linked in terms of impacts and in terms of adaptation solutions.

The iconic Mont-Blanc has become a symbol of climate change, as the glaciers retreat and mountain environments change due to warming temperatures. Our environmental partner, CREA Mont-Blanc has been running an environmental monitoring program, Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Biodiversity (CLIMB), for the past 10 years, which has automated the monitoring of temperatures, snow patterns, and behaviours of the fauna and flora in the Mont-Blanc area.

Altitude Gin are delighted to be supporting CREA in their mountain projects. 

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