Grow your own Garnish!


Garnishes can help make your perfect G&T, and your choice of garnish can make all the difference!

We're obsessed with alpine strawberries, the wild berries that grow in the open meadows and forest clearings of the Alps from June-October! The fruits of alpine strawberry plants are small, conical and known as fraises des bois in France (which translates to “berries of the woods”). They are celebrated and cherished throughout their harvest period, and a real treat when you find them whilst hiking in the Alps!

Alpine strawberries are also easy to grow and have a delicious, tropical flavour - a kind of mix of strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple! Whether you start from seed or buy plants you won’t be disappointed when you add them to your pink ginny cocktails!

The best way to start alpine strawberries from seed is to sow seeds indoors, in late winter. The seeds can take several weeks to germinate, but once they sprout, they grow quickly. Plan to divide plants every four or five years to keep production high and prevent the plants from becoming crowded!

We recommend freezing your fruits and popping them in your L'Altitude Pink & Tonic with a spring of mint! Delish! 

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