Altitude Pink amongst the Best Strawberry Gins!



Altitude Alpine Strawberry Pink Gin has been featured by The Gin Guide, as one of the best Strawberry Gins ever produced.

Award-winning Alpine Strawberry Pink Gin introduces flavours of the summer-long harvest of alpine strawberries, which grow in the open meadows and forest clearings of the Alps. It’s a gin, bottled at 40%, that carefully balances the crisp, juniper taste of our original Alpine Dry Gin with the sweetness of alpine strawberries. 

If you haven't yet tried our Pink newcomer, enjoy aromas of summer on the nose and a light delicate gin on the palette!

The Altitude Gin journey has been founded upon sustainability and conservation. The bottles are made from consumer recycled glass and, through our donation to CREA Mont-Blanc, each bottle purchased helps protect the mountains from the impact of climate change. 

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