Get the Chalet Look!


Turn your house into a place worthy of an après-ski party!

Create a cosy, alpine-style retreat where you’ll want to curl up and hibernate for the winter! There’s something magical about staying in a ski lodge in the mountains and returning to a cosy retreat after a day on the slopes. Being cocooned from the cold weather outside is one of life’s great pleasures! The heart of the alpine house is the hearth, and there's nothing quite like the cheerful glow of the fire burning, to capture the atmosphere of a cosy chalet in the Alps! Keep a pile of kindling ready to start a roaring fire. Aside from providing warmth, artful piles of logs complement natural accents and double as chic Instagram subjects.

Bring the outdoors in! The views of snow-capped mountains, just like you had on holiday will take you back! Why not bring a little piece of your trip home with a vintage poster or an Alpine-inspired mural or photograph? It’s an idea that could work well in a hallway, dining area or anywhere with a large expanse of wall. Our Chamonix photographer, Mario Colonel, our inspiration behind the new Altitude Gin bottle designs, has some stunning works of art.

Be inspired by nature! The warmth of wood cuts the chill… literally! A mellow honey-brown stain allows the unique beauty of the grain to show through. If you don’t have log walls or panelling, get the look with a rustic pine bench or flooring underfoot. Tree trunks make great side tables and will add to the natural, rustic log-cabin feel. They can be left natural, stained or whitewashed to ramp up the winter wonderland effect. Counterbalance with accessories made from twigs and branches elsewhere in the scheme, so your trunk table isn’t the only natural element in the room.

Prepare the après drinks! It's all about local mountain drinks, so imagine yourself sliding straight to a slope-side watering hole and ordering a round of L'Altitude Gin & Tonics for your friends! Recreate the moment in the comfort of your home! Bop along to your favourite beats and some tried-and-tested classics - dance on the table or sing along lustily! If you feel more adventurous, try making some of our favourite Altitude Alpine Gin cocktails!

Break out the fondue pot! Fondue is like Gin, there is no season not to taste it… So a Gin fondue, we say yes all year round! We love this wonderful Alpine Cheese Fondue, spiked with Altitude Alpine Dry Gin, instead of the traditional kirsch! We think it tastes much better this way and it certainly brings the mountains home!

Cosy Knits and faux fur It’s always 'sweater weather' in a ski chalet, so don’t forget to dress up the bed and sofa with textured blankets. Cosy, oversized knits can warm your toes or double as a throw. Fur is a winter staple, but it doesn’t need to be real to offer warmth — a cruelty-free alternative is our go-to!

and finally..

Finish your look with a Woodland Chandelier - Antlers (resin versions are readily available and realistic) are a classic accompaniment to wood walls.

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