The Wild Mont-Blanc project



Wild Mont-Blanc is a programme developed by CREA Mont-Blanc and initiated by "Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc". CREA Mont-Blanc is working to measure how climate change is impacting different alpine environments, and understand how alpine species adapt to their changing environment. Wild Mont-Blanc provides an important contribution to this research, and Altitude Gin is excited to be supporting CREA Mont-Blanc’s ongoing studies of vegetation and climate in the Mont-Blanc massif.
Forty camera traps installed across France’s Mont-Blanc massif and are giving us a powerful new window into the dynamics of alpine wildlife species and the local public are getting involved to help to identify all the different animals caught in hundreds of thousands of camera trap images. 
This participatory science approach saves scientists precious time, and it also offers volunteer observers to connect with nature, through careful observation and the acquisition of knowledge about these species taken live in their natural environment.
Altitude Gin's donations make it possible to support this exemplary participatory science project Wild Mont-Blancfollowing the evolution of wild fauna in forests and mountain pastures.


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