The Pink Gin has landed!


To say 2021 has been a busy year for the Altitude team, is an understatement! 
With a successful investment round under our belt, new branding, revamped website, a Chamonix distillery in development…we’ve also just launched our new delicious Altitude Alpine Strawberry Pink Gin all ready for Christmas! 💗

Our new Pink Gin introduces a variety of flavours of the summer-long harvest of alpine strawberries, which grow in the open meadows and forest clearings of the Alps. It’s a gin that carefully balances the crisp, juniper taste of our original Alpine Dry Gin with the sweetness of alpine strawberries. We’ve lots of exciting cocktails too! 🍓
Enjoy aromas of summer on the nose and a light delicate gin on the palette. The perfect gift! 
Now available to purchase online here


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