CHX Distillers launches investment campaign


CHX Distillers Ltd has launched its first major investment campaign with a drive to raise £450,000 to accelerate global expansion of Altitude Gin and development of a new distillery in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Altitude Gin has recorded a staggering +376% sales increase over the past year. This cash injection round will enable CHX Distillers Ltd to further capitalise on its position as the number one mountain gin in the world and become a leading super-premium gin in key markets. New product innovation is a key area of focus for CHX Distillers Ltd, where investment will enable the development of a gin portfolio, international expansion whilst raising awareness of the devastating effect of climate change in the Alps. 

Kirstine Newton, co-founder of Altitude Gin remarked ‘to accelerate in premium+ gin, we need to execute our growth strategy. We plan to transform a portfolio of brands on the global stage and substantially grow the operational side of the business…. ‘

The CHX Distillers journey began in 2018 with its first Altitude Alpine Dry Gin. Altitude is infused with a unique mountain botanical formula, including the wild mountain blueberry, myrtille, which grows in the foothills of the Alps. The gin is inspired by natural beauty, adventure and the alpine playground of the Mont-Blanc massif, celebrating the millions of journeys the mountain has seen over the years.

The warming planet is changing the Alps, where Altitude Gin’s botanicals are sourced, so the team are determined to drive awareness of the devastating implications, by communicating findings with the public and decision makers, making a positive impact in the world. Tim Welch, co-founder continued: “Our vision is to make a real and tangible impact on Mont-Blanc conservation, whilst producing a world-class gin”. 

Altitude Gin has since won Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021, Gold at The Gin Masters 2021, 2019, 2020 & 2021 Silver awards in the prestigious International Wine & Spirit’s Competition (IWSC) outperforming hundreds of gins across the globe under the highly competitive London Dy Gin category, plus a Gold medal in the 2020 Women’s Wine and Spirit’s Awards.  

Altitude Gin’s popularity soared throughout 2020, featuring as Craft Gin Club’s “Gin of the Month”, hailed ‘the best tasting gin on record’ and selected to feature in Craft Gin Club’s Christmas TV Ad, “Always Delivers”, featuring Philip Schofield, reaching 75M adults across the UK. 

The mountain-loving team give back to the environment that inspired gin and the peril that the mountains are facing. For every bottle sold, funds are donated to Chamonix-based non-profit research partner CREA Mont-Blanc to fund scientific studies into the effect of climate change on biodiversity, ultimately to share knowledge that will allow key decision makers and the general public to take well-needed action.

Hillary Gerardi, Development Manager at CREA Mont-Blanc remarked “the Mont-Blanc massif provides an important laboratory for understanding how global changes are impacting mountain environments.  Our mountains and their inhabitants (humans, plants and animals) are at a crucial juncture and Altitude Gin's support helps ensure that we are able to continue our mission of studying these changes, raising awareness and making a real difference” 

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